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Friday, February 1, 2013

Tutu Garden

Matching Tutu Girls Party here ....


Friday, November 23, 2012

Far & away

Salam Maal Hijrah...

It's been a long long time. MasyaAllah.. lamanya x update blog. So many months, so many things happened, so many ups & down, and lots of changes. For those who have commented on the blog & did not received any reply, my apology..i've been away, and its my fault. i'm away & totally ignored my blog. Today i'm writing from the land of Australia. Myself & family is starting to build our life here..InsyaAllah, beerusk's embroidery product will be back once I manage to transport my beloved sewing machine from my home back there in Shah Alam. InsyaAllah.. till we meet again.

Sunday, March 11, 2012's school holiday!


It's a school holiday week. Must be the most awaited week for parents & kids to spend time together for a holiday or holiday camp perhaps. :)

As for me, I'll be heading to my hometown & will spend the rest of the week havin fun & eat good food with my beloved family ;). While there's more work to do, I'll make sure i have the work-family balance & spend quality time with both.

Here's some updates on my recent work. There's more that i have not gotten the time to transfer the pic but will definitely upload more soon.

A QUILT SET -- Special Thanks to my customer Nia who has ordered from beeRusk  for the 4th time! ;). So glad to hear her twins love the pillow so much that they have it with them everywhere they go! We love you darling Batrisya & Balqis!

 A baby Pillow... thanks to my new customer for the trust given to us :)

 A Princess Pillow .. thanks to Nany who have ordered from us the 2nd time.. I really hope you are still happy this time.

 A Single fitted sheet set  for our new customer as well. Perhaps the boy, Adam who receive your gift will be very happy on his birthday. :) Thanks to you Sri!

This is a normal size (adult) pillow.

Fitted sheet

 Till then ..Happy holiday!!..

New skirt..;)

Hi there,
Introducing a new skirt for the Buai Berendoi..:) I love it very much!!... Now i'm thinking about giving a fresh new look to the flowers deco surrounding the buai. InsyaAllah will be out soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Princess in Paris!

Yeay!!  New font and a magnificent Eiffel Tower for my lovely customer Aimi from Muadzam Shah.When i received her email on wanting a pillow with Eiffel Tower image.. i scratched my head..hehe. Coz i dont have it! and was not sure whether i can do it or not :p.

More interesting so happened that on the very same day, I held a birthday party for my darling girl with theme 'PARIS'! and my wonderful partner Maria, from Sweetie Lil' beeRusk brought us an amazing Eiffel Tower Miniature for display.What a coincidence! Click here to see the pictures.

Alhamdulillah.. i got it :). Plus, the new font to have the name fit the pillow perfectly. Thank you Aimi for supporting beeRusk! I really hope the person who receive your gift  will love it coz it is specially ordered by you ;). Merci Beaucoup & bonne journée!